A surgery at Medbase

Interdisciplinary cooperation is a major priority for us. Contact us if you would like to work in a new, attractive environment or f you are preparing to change your area of activity.

"Our integration into Medbase worked beautifully for me and my patients."

"I have had my own surgery for over 25 years. With Medbase I had the opportunity to integrate my patients into a long-term health center when I finished running my own surgery. Now I work with colleagues in a multidisciplinary team, which is both enriching and interesting every day."

Dr. med. Arnold Eggerschwiler, born in 1952, General Medicine FMH, Sports Medicine SGSM, Horw.

"Top performances are achieved in the team."

"I was able to fulfill my long-awaited desire to run a center together with an experienced care provider, sports physician and various other medical professionals. Like many of my colleagues, I was hesitant to open my own surgery alone. Medbase gives me the opportunity to realize my professional goals on the basis of a fair partnership."

Dr. med. Patrik Noack, born in 1974, General Medicine FMH, Sports Medicine SGSM, St. Gallen

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