Who pays for my check-up?

Receive suggested solutions for cost coverage in the Video (2:37 min)


Your health is your future!

At our specialized Checkup Center we offer a high-quality, multi-stage preventive medical check-up service.

We offer you professional support in optimizing your health and performance for the long term. We place particular emphasis on providing individual advice and show you how your personal state of health can be strengthened.

"When you decide to have a check-up, you will gain an incisive evaluation of your state of health that will help you to optimize it for the future. Because: You can control your health!"



26. June 2023

New offer: Filipino fighting arts

Filipino fighting arts encompass modern and effective self-defense methods, martial arts, and a fitness program individually tailored to you. The workout enables you to improve your stamina, mobility, speed, and stability.

05. April 2022

Permanence now called Medbase Permanence Zurich main station

Permanence has been part of the Medbase Group since 2017. With the completion of the integration, we are changing our name.

27. January 2022

Medbase, Hirslanden, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, and SWICA launch a joint healthcare ecosystem

Medbase, Hirslanden, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, and SWICA have come together to found a company dedicated to developing a digital healthcare ecosystem. The objective of this joint venture called Compassana is to optimise the way medical care is coordinated to improve treatment quality and process efficiency. The centrepiece of this new ecosystem is a simple, user-friendly portal, where customers can coordinate all their healthcare services.




Who pays for my check-up?

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