27. January 2022

Medbase, Hirslanden, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, and SWICA launch a joint healthcare ecosystem

Medbase, Hirslanden, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, and SWICA launch a joint healthcare ecosystem

Medbase, Hirslanden, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, and SWICA have come together to found a company dedicated to developing a digital healthcare ecosystem. The objective of this joint venture called Compassana is to optimise the way medical care is coordinated to improve treatment quality and process efficiency. The centrepiece of this new ecosystem is a simple, user-friendly portal, where customers can coordinate all their healthcare services.

Medbase, Hirslanden, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, and SWICA have jointly founded the company Bluespace Ventures AG, through which they will pursue the establishment of the digital healthcare ecosystem, Compassana, and ensure its systematic further development. With Medbase and Hirslanden, customers will have coordinated access to Switzerland’s densest network of outpatient and inpatient healthcare facilities. Three of Switzerland’s biggest health insurance companies – Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, and SWICA – are also participating in this joint project. All players in the healthcare sector will have access to it: doctors, other medical specialists and specialists in related fields, health insurance companies, and technology providers. Marcel Napierala, CEO of Medbase and Chair of the Board of Directors at Bluespace Ventures AG, invites other interested parties to become partners: “Our intention is to sustainably change the healthcare system for the better, making it more straightforward and efficient. We believe this can only be achieved when players from different areas within the healthcare sector come together to develop joint, innovative solutions.”

A digital portal as the central platform to access healthcare
A digital portal will be the heart of the Compassana healthcare ecosystem. It facilitates the straightforward coordination of outpatient, inpatient and digital healthcare services. Customers can use it to organise their own healthcare services around the clock. Providing them access to their personal health records and treatment information empowers them to take on more responsibility for themselves. “Compassana will offer much more than basic digital services including checking symptoms, making appointments, and medical consultations over the phone. Digitally supported and medically optimised treatment or therapy options for general medical conditions will be available in the future. The collaboration between providers of medical services and health insurance companies opens up completely new approaches to medical care and how it is financed,” explains Peter Mittemeyer, CEO of Bluespace Ventures AG.

The initial offering will make its market début during the course of this year. This project is subject to a review by the Swiss Federal Competition Commission (COMCO).

Press release from 27 January 2022

Press office contact:
Fabienne Neukom, Manager of Marketing & Communication, marketing@compassana.ch,
Phone +41 52 268 80 96

About Medbase
The Medbase Group operates over 150 medical, pharmaceutical and dental locations in Switzerland. It has significantly expanded its position as a leading service provider for outpatient integrated medicine in recent years. Around 3,200 employees provide holistic support to patients, from prevention and acute medicine to rehabilitation. More than 400 general practitioners and specialist physicians, 360 therapists, 170 pharmacists and around 340 dentists and specialists for orthodontics, implants and dental hygiene work together in the group in a coordinated, interprofessional manner. Medbase Corporate Health offers companies specific advice and holistic projects in occupational health management. In its 12 Sports Medical Centers, Medbase cares for and treats athletes in recreational and professional sports. Medbase also promotes junior talent in healthcare and provides training to around 330 young men and women.

Press office contact:
Isabel Gherbal, Head of Communications, medien@medbase.ch,
Phone +41 52 260 29 43

About Hirslanden
Hirslanden stands for high-quality, responsible, and efficient, integrated healthcare, that is selfdetermined by the individual. From birth to old age, from prevention to cure – any time, physically and digitally – the Hirslanden Group focuses, together with private and public cooperation partners, on the further development of the ‘‘Continuum of Care‘‘. As a system provider, Hirslanden stands out from the rest of the market with first-class medical and service care – provided by highly qualified medical specialists with many years of experience. Interdisciplinary medical centres of expertise, specialised institutes and cooperation partners enable it to offer the best possible individualised diagnosis and treatment, even in highly complex cases, both for inpatients and outpatients. The Hirslanden Group was formed in 1990 through the merger of several hospitals. Since 2007, it has been part of the international hospital group Mediclinic International plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Press office contact:
Claude Kaufmann, Head of Media Relations, medien@hirslanden.ch,
Phone +41 44 388 75 85

About Groupe Mutuel
With over 2,700 employees throughout Switzerland, Groupe Mutuel is at the service of 1.3 million private customers and 25,500 companies. As the only comprehensive insurer in Switzerland, Groupe Mutuel is the reference partner in the field of health and retirement benefits for private and corporate customers. Its turnover exceeds CHF 5.3 billion. Thanks to tailored solutions, whether in basic insurance (LAMal/KVG) or supplemental insurance (LCA/VVG), it is the third largest health insurer in Switzerland. In the field of health insurance for companies, Groupe Mutuel is ranked fifth nationwide.

Press office contact:
Serkan Isik, Head of Media Relations for German-speaking Switzerland, presse@groupemutuel.ch,
Phone +41 58 758 90 05

About Helsana
Helsana is committed to the health and quality of life of its approximately 2.1 million customers. With innovative services and products, we offer people individual support for a healthy life. As a shaper of the Swiss healthcare system, we work to ensure a sustainable, high quality, competitively organized and customer-friendly healthcare system. With a premium volume of about CHF 7.1 billion and a workforce of more than 3,400 employees throughout Switzerland, it is one of the leading providers in the Swiss insurance market. Helsana develops insurance solutions to mitigate the economic consequences of illness or accident-related occupational absences for more than 60,000 companies and associations.

Press office contact:
Urs Kilchenmann, Media Relations, media.relations@helsana.ch,
Phone +41 58 340 12 12

With approximately 1.5 million insured persons, approximately 27,000 corporate clients and a premium volume of CHF 5.0 billion, SWICA Healthcare Organisation is one of Switzerland's leading health and accident insurers. Its product offering is available to both private individuals and companies and provides comprehensive insurance cover for medical expenses and loss of earnings due to illness and accident. SWICA is a health partner with a focus on above-average service quality and a high-quality service offering. SWICA has its headquarters in Winterthur and operates across Switzerland.

Press office contact:
Silvia Schnidrig, Head of Communications, media@swica.ch,
Phone +41 52 244 28 38

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