Occupational Health




Advice on Occupational Health for Companies

Advice for companies on issues relating to the field of occupational health:

  • Specific questions (shift work, manifestation of physical ailments / illnesses relating to the workplace)
  • Legal situations
  • Maternity leave
  • Inspections of the area
  • Options for controlling and influencing absences

Implementation: on the company premises


Occupational Health Examinations

  • Medical examinations and advice for employees who are subject to specific stresses
  • Medical check-ups for night and shift workers (according to the specifications of the SECO)

Implementation: on the company premises / at selected Medbase sites


Occupational Health inspection of the workplace

The layout and organization of the workplace are important factors that affect the health, productivity and satisfaction of the respective employees. There is often a correlation between ailments or illnesses and stress factors in the workplace. The length of time an employee is unable to work also depends on the type of work they do and the layout of the workplace. A speedy return to work is an essential precondition for the employee’s ability to reintegrate successfully.

An assessment of the workplace (Arbeitsplatzabklärung APA) reveals the following aspects:

  • Existing stresses and work requirements
  • Correlation between ailments and work
  • Possible options for adapting the work situation to suit the needs and current capabilities of an employee
  • Further measures, such as, for example, supporting a gradual return to work

The assessment is carried out at the employee’s place of work. The typical tasks performed by the employee are observed after they have completed a survey on their job assignments. Using the results from this evaluation, the measures to be taken can be discussed directly with the individuals responsible (HR Manager, supervisors, the person being monitored) on site, and the necessary adjustments can likewise be arranged.


Implementation: on the company premises

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