26. June 2023

New offer: Filipino fighting arts

New offer: Filipino fighting arts

Filipino fighting arts encompass modern and effective self-defense methods, martial arts, and a fitness program individually tailored to you. The workout enables you to improve your stamina, mobility, speed, and stability.

For young and old

Filipino fighting arts are personal training in the form of martial arts. The workout takes place in a friendly and welcoming training atmosphere and is suitable for young and old, with or without experience.

The training is run by Mirco Böhmisch (qualified physiotherapist), Medbase Zurich Löwenstrasse. Mirco Böhmisch is an instructor of the Filipino Fighting Arts Association and the International Kali Arnis Eskrima Federation, and founder of Filipino Fighting Arts Schopfheim. 

Preferential price until the end of October 2023

Benefit from attractive summer prices until the end of October 2023:

55 minutes for 1 person: CHF 150.00
55 minutes for 2 people: CHF 180.00
55 minutes for 3 people: CHF 210.00

Training location


Medbase Zürich Löwenstrasse 
Sports Medical Center
Löwenstrasse 29
8001 Zürich


Register your interest with the reception by phone on 044 226 36 36 or by email at zuerich-loewenstrasse@medbase.ch.

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